Types of Traders – Which Category you Belong?

Category 1: Want to trade for Passive Income

You are in the Perfect Category, you have to take Trading as passive activity and your Core Job or Business should not be affected by getting distraction from Stock Market.

You should always remember that stock market will give only passive income, additional cushion with your existing revenue. Your dreams will not happen via stock market – This is the Reality

To bring your dream to reality you should get seasoned in Learning and Practicing

Time, Patience & Money Management is very important

For that if you trade twice or thrice in a week itself is enough, you can make decent returns from stock market.

Consistency is very important in trading, be it small let’s end up with profits by investing.

Learn stock market by yourself and start your trading career by investing mode only it will give you a long mileage

Stock market is Perennial and don’t try to take the entire profits in one day – Like opening the Stomach of Golden Duck

Category 2: Members want to trade for full time

I strongly believe 100% of traders, trades for Profit, then why do you want to trade full time.

If you still you want to trade for full time then I can see your Greed Factor.

Trading is a skill set we have to develop scalp and swing trades to be a full time trader

Getting tips from one person and entering the trades is Highly Dangerous!

Who knows if he might have screwed by his wife in the morning do you think you will get the right Trade and will you end up in Profits???

Rather who is the third person to decide your profit and loss?

Full time Trading is a Art Learn, Practice and Keep Stoploss as your friend and you can always be in Market.

Still ill recommend don’t trade for all time when market is open.

Category 3 – Wants to learn or explore the market

If you are a fresher and if you are in Stock Phoenix Channel then you are in the right place.

Go through all the Learning Videos form our website www.StockPhoenix.com/learning

Spend some time on learning process and try to co-relate the learned contents with live market

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