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A Trader’s normal life span is less than 90 days in stock market.

Everyone brings some money from their kitty to put in the Magic Box (Stock Market) to multiply it in short span.

In last 12 years I have not found such Magic Box and it’s a Myth.

In last 12 years I have not found such Magic Box and it’s a Myth.

If you had lost money in market previously you can recover it through only learning it completely and cover-up the loses through investment & not with day trading

Return on Investment:

Fixed Deposit 6-8% PA, Mutual Funds 8-15% PA, Bonds 12-15% PA.

Equity 20-100%* PA (Through Investments & Not on Day Trading)

Break through Functionalities:-

Equity Market gives higher percentage of returns when compared to other types of investments where in risk is involved, we have to manage our stocks on our own in the below aspect ratio.

Trading ideas on short term investment with Stoploss of 5% and Profit 15 – 20% in 3-4 Weeks time duration.

At the time of downtrend market due to any news or events we can still hold the stocks positionally as the stocks are been selected for short term and midterm investment.

When market recovers all the stocks may come up with good appreciation

“Investment should be Passive” – you should not depend your primary survival income through investment.

Any investment should be given sufficient time for the stock to perform – As I told – there is no Magic Box

Investing in Stocks:-

Divide your capital in 10 parts and invest equally in 10 Stocks

On a periodically you may able to see 10 to 15% returns

There will be a minor Stop Loss of Less than 5%

Hence we could be able to manage Risk Reward Ratio Effectively

Duration 3 – 4 Weeks

For Example: If your Capital is 1 Lakh Divide 10000 in 10 Parts and invest 1 stock for only Rs.10000

In that if your stop hits you will lose Rs.300 – 600 and if you book in profit you will get Rs.1500-2500

Stock ideas should be Effective Success Ratio around then 80% on Quarterly basis

Trading in Futures:-

Trading in future required High Margin 1.5X of Span Margin and High Risk High Reward

Have Minimum Capital of 1 Lakh/Lot for Intraday & Rs.150000 to Carry Forward Positions

Trade in 1 Lot Always

Follow Targets & Stoploss

You should be prepared to Loose Rs.7500 – 10000 Per Trade to make money in Futures

Trading in Options:-

Trading in Index / Stock Option required Rs.20000/Lot and Stoploss is Risk, High Reward

Have Minimum Capital of Rs.20000/Lot

Trade in 1 Lot Always

Follow Targets & Stoploss

You should be prepared to Loose Rs.2000 – 4000 / Stoploss Per Trade to make money in Option

Do you want to be Investor / Trader?

Strongly recommend to be Investor to be on safer side

đź’Ą Stock Phoenix Team đź’Ą

Email: Support@stockphoenix.com |

Mobile : 9962046497

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